Tóir Guitars

The Sweet Tone Comes From the Wood


– Gaelic Translation “My Pursuit / Quest”


– Gaelic Translation
“My Pursuit / Quest”

Ed Rice – Luthier


Ed Rice is an artist and woodworker, focused on Lutherie, operating as Tóir Guitars. Lutherie is the making of wooden stringed musical instruments, such as guitars, mandolins and ukuleles. Focused on Acoustic Guitars and Ukueles, Ed trained under Master Luthier Harry Fleishman in Sebastopol, Ca. Additionally, Ed’s style has been influenced by another internationally known Luthier, Jeffrey Yong, of Kuala Lumpur. Jeff has been a great mentor. Ed has a passion for exotic woods in his instruments, such as Indian Rosewood, Monkeypod, KOA and others.

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